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The camping experience is available from Saturday afternoon to the following Saturday morning for only 6 persons per week. Included in the camping experience:

Breakfast daily.
Assistsnce with horse care and the other animals of the corral.
Instruction in care of horses including grooming, handling and riding.
Short trail rides to amazing views.
Instruction in putting on a harnass followed by a wagon ride through Coral Bay.
Power boat ride on a catamaran located in Coral Bay to several snorkel spots.
Two cookouts per week.
Daily transportation to town or the beach.

Visiting by non-campers is after 3pm Monday thru Friday with prior notice by calling 340-693-5778 or email at

All the animals are well mannered and enjoy the attention given to them, especially when treats are offered! Detailed profiles will soon be available on our FB page for every member of the corral.



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