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Horse back trail rides on the beautiful island of St John

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Welcome to Carolina Corral. We took a very hard hit along with most of the island from both Hurricane Irma and Maria. It is a time of recovery, which has included rebuilding fences, shelters, water catchments and storage. The horses and donkeys were loosed during Irma and all came back but our beloved Rodney, the most friendly one of the bunch. He died during the storm and will forever be missed by myself and the rest of the gang.

Due to limited tourism and few places to stay, beginning on December 23rd we are offering an opportunity to camp while aiding in the care of the animals. This will include breakfast daily, morning horse care, instruction in grooming, saddling and riding including short trail rides. You’ll also have some donkey time while learning how to hitch up and drive a donkey wagon. Two cookouts a week, a chartered power boat adventure and daily transportation to town or beach.

This is available to only 6 persons per week. Afternoons are free to explore the island with cookouts on Monday and Friday nights. We hope you can come and stay awhile.

If it’s not possible to spend the week with us, you are welcome to stop by after 3:00 Monday thru Friday to show the animals some love. Donation of $20 appreciated toward the care of the wild donkeys. Please call 340-693-5668 or email is at info@horsesstjohn.com

This is a labor of love on a very small island where resources are few and costly. The animals benefit from your patronage and support. All of the horses, donkeys, sheep and goats are either rescues or were no longer wanted by their previous owners. We do our best to provide a good home for them, although with resources costly and few this can be a challenge. If considering a donation you can do so via Paypal and our email info@horsesstjohn.com or our GoFundMe campaign “Post Irma Equine Care on St John VI”. You can also send a check to The Carolina Corral 16133 Spring Garden, St. John, VI 00830. Cellular service is limited at this time on St. John with both towers having been taken out in the storm, but we will give further updates on island conditions as soon as possible. With all that has happened and the distance we have toward restoration this is still an amazing place to live and visit!


Much love!

Dana Bartlett

Owner and Guide

Book your ride! Book your ride!