Book your Day!

Participation in the care of the animals and fun activities is available from Monday thru Friday, limited to 7 persons per day. Spend the morning learning how to safely groom, saddle and handle a horse before heading out on a ride tajibg in a sandy beach. Afternoons spend time with the donkeys, hitching them up for a happy hour wagon ride. Later help with the evening feed if desired when we return.

Call 340-693-5778 or email us any questions you may have. Children 8 on up are welcome to participate in the morning horseback ride. While 4 on up are welcome in the afternoon portion of the day including spending time with the donkeys on a wagon ride and playing with the baby donkeys and goats!

Mornings at the corral are from 9:00-12:00 and will include the following:

*Assist with the care of the horses and other animals who call the Carolina Corral home.

*Instruction in grooming, handling, saddling and riding a horse. Followed by a ride to amazing views taking in a sandy beach.

Afternoons at the corral are from 4:00 – 7:00 and will include:

*Instruction in harnassing donkeys followed by a happy hour wagon ride through Coral Bay where you can take a turn at driving a team!

*Helping with the evening feed.

Visitors are welcome everyday of the week with prior notice by calling 340-693-5778 or just stop in. Donations always welcome!

All the animals are well mannered and enjoy the attention given to them. Look for us on Facebook for more details of all our guys and girls.