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A place domestic animals can call their island home on beautiful St. John.

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Welcome to Carolina Corral. We are offering visitors the opportunity to spend mornings or afternoons with us. Mornings will be centered around learning how to groom, safely saddle and handle a horse. After a short lesson we’ll head out on a ride taking in amazing ocean views to a private rocky beach for pictures. For years I’ve had the desire for visitors to become better aquainted with the corral. Even if you or a friend are familiar with how to groom and ride, I am positive you’ll enjoy this time of getting to know us better and through it the island. First time and beginner riders will also benefit from instruction as they become more familiar with a horse. If by chance you’d like to ride, but are unable to brush due to allergies I’ll do the brushing for you! This is a once a day opportunity with no participant under the age of 8. Also, due to most of the shoreline in Coral Bay being either rocky or too muddy eer do not ride into the water.

In the afternoon we’ll harness up a team of donkeys for a Happy Hour Wagon Ride through Coral Bay with instruction on how to drive a team. An opportunity to help with the evening feed is available when we return. Besides the horses and donkeys, participants will care for the dogs, cats, chickens, duck, sheep, baby goats, baby donkeys who call the corral home. Discounts available for families of four or more.

These opportunitues are limited to 6 participants mornings or afternoons. You can book online otherwise please call or email us if you’d prefer to pay with a check or cash. If it’s not possible to spend time with us, you are still welcome to stop by and show the animals some love. Please call 340-693-5778 or email us at info@horsesstjohn.com for more information.

Donkey brush and walk. Every Sunday and Thursday morning at 8am. Help teach the young ones to follow and love on the old guys! Please call or email if you’d like to join us.

This is a labour of love on a very small island where resources are few and costly. The animals will benefit from your patronage and support. All of the horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, cats and dogs are either rescues or were no longer wanted by their previous owners. We do our best to provide for them a good home giving them the care they need. If considering a donation you can do so through the “Donate Now” button on this page. We have t-shirts, too, available on the “About Us” page.

Paypal via our email info@horsesstjohn.com or Venmo @ Dana Bartlett are other ways to help along with contributions through our GoFundMe campaign “Post Irma Equine Care on St John VI”. Or simply send a check to The Carolina Corral 16133 Spring Garden, St. John, VI 00830. With all that has happened and the progress made toward restoration, most people agree this is still a beautiful place to visit and live.

Much love!

Dana Bartlett

Owner and Guide

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